We study how children reason about people, objects, words, and numbers.  This study examines how children understand the word “and”.  The child will play a simple game where they get to choose one or two images or objects based on a simple sentence cue such as, “we need a fish that’s red and blue”. The parent can stay with the child the whole time.

The study itself lasts about 10 minutes, and the appointment should take about 30 minutes total, with added time for playing and filling out paperwork. The child gets to pick out a prize to take home (a stuffed animal, slinky, rubber duck etc.), and we will give the parent $5 as travel compensation.  If other children come along, a researcher will play with them during the study and they get to pick out prizes too.

We are located on Harvard’s campus and provide parking. Also, we can be reached easily from subway and bus routes.  We usually run this study Monday through Friday, 9:15am-5:00pm.  For directions, see

We run studies by appointment only.  To schedule a time, please call, text, or email!

Call: 617-384-7930

Text: 617-299-6486