Research Opportunities at the Snedeker Lab

Part-Time Research Assistant Opportunities

**The Snedeker Lab is no longer recruiting Research Assistants for Fall 2023. Please see the Thomas Lab page for more part-time research assistant oppurtunites!**

We are seeking motivated students to assist with research in language acquisition. RAs may volunteer or receive course credit (PSY 1651r). Learn state of the art research methods to probe questions related to how children learn language and how adults and children process and use it everyday. Duties center around working on a project with a primary researcher, and include: recruiting and scheduling adult and child participants, testing adults and children, and aiding in the design of new studies. Students must have a minimum of ~ 10 hours a week to commit to the lab for at least 2 semesters.

Projects this semester (Fall 2023) involve investigating the understanding of quantification in infancy, specifically the concepts of “some” and “all”, (e.g., ‘some balls explode’ vs ‘all balls explode’) using eyetracking, using both eyetracking and behavioral production to explore toddler’s understanding of alternative possibilities (e.g., ‘something is in A or in B’), exploring how event representations are encoded in the absence of language by designing and conducting nonlinguistic tasks to get at the distinction between the agent (the doer) and the patient (the affected one), investigating sentence processing in 4–5 year-old children by exploring the influence of sentence context on word identification, exploring how word planning times differ in multi-word utterances compared to single-word utterances in adults, and exploring the productive generation of number words in 3-6 year old children.

This is an excellent opportunity for someone interested in the fields of developmental and cognitive psychology and/or linguistics. Email our lab manager, Hanna Shine ([email protected]) to apply.

Summer Internship Opportunities

We are not accepting applications for our 2023 internship program. We will update this page with information about our summer 2024 program in late fall. Please check back if you are interested in applying next year. Please contact us with any questions!

The Laboratory for Developmental Studies at Harvard University hosts an annual summer internship. Interns will assist with developmental psychology research and learn state of the art research methods that provide a window into the minds of infants, toddlers, and children. Under the supervision of Dr. Jesse Snedeker, the lab studies such topics as language acquisition, numerical development, representation of objects and people, causality, and symbolic representation. Responsibilities of interns center around working on a project with a primary researcher, and include recruiting and scheduling child participants and their families, testing children in the lab or at daycares, data analysis, and aiding in the design of new studies. An interest in and ability to work with young children is essential. Internships are full time and 10 weeks in duration. Interns are strongly encouraged to apply for grants from their current institutions. However, a $1500 stipend is guaranteed for those who do not receive outside funding. To learn more and to apply please click here.

For additional information, please contact:

Hanna Shine
Snedeker Lab Manager
[email protected]